Young people drive change in their country United Ideas of Bulgaria
A truly glamorous event will gather around 150 Bulgarian students from around the world.

To explore the reasons of the protests in Bulgaria, please follow the link to Aleko's article "Protests in Bulgaria: the Awakening " and to Yuliya's previous one "The Arts Nation: what Awaits Bulgaria? "

Thousands of Bulgarians have been peacefully protesting for more than a month. They want the government to resign and a general change in the country’s political life. Although communism fell 23 years ago, many have the feeling that they still see the same people on the political scene. Even more believe that real improvement in the country can come only after the election of completely new politicians.

Meanwhile, a group of young Bulgarians are preparing something big: a truly glamorous event which will gather around 150 Bulgarian students from around the world. But do not think of it as a thrilling party similar to those you have seen in Sunny Beach. These people will take time off from their holidays in order to do something meaningful for their country. They know from personal experience that it is not enough just to complain - sometimes it is easier to have the work done by oneself.


The conference “We are the ideas 2” will take place between the3rdand the 6thof September in Sofia. The participants will be divided into 10 teams which will look in detail into different policy issues and try to come up with projects that will change the situation in the country. Each team will have two coordinators – young people with experience in the relevant field and two guest-speakers – professionals able to help with further insights.

Many would say that it is impossible to change the status quo when in your early twenties, but nothing seems undoable when you have enough adherents. After the first edition of the conference, improvements were made for the easier socialization of disabled people; the medicine students got a database with opportunities to further develop themselves; school kids received extra lessons in civil education and many more projects beneficial for the society, were implemented.

This year, expectations are even higher, as most of the coordinators represent well-known non-for-profit organizations and the guest-speakers – all prominent names in their fields, are ready to assist them. The non-for-profit organization behind the conference is United Ideas for Bulgaria. It includes around 40 Bulgarians studying in more than 10 countries around the world and has even more friends from different organizations. They all are united by the desire to see a better future for Bulgaria and are not afraid to work for the realization of this dream.


 Alexander Naydenov, the organization’s coordinator, believes that the community of social change-makers will be massively strengthened during the forum.“Beside the specific learning effects in project management, we hope for incredible network effects going beyond the borders of Bulgaria.In the months after the conference, 10 social projects based on friendships, partnerships and professional contacts will emerge - we are deleting the terms pessimism and apathy from the Bulgarian language,"he commented.

“We are the ideas 2” is the next of a series of events that show that the Bulgarian nation is mature enough to be part of the European family. Regardless of the outcome of the protests, it will prove that Bulgaria’s future is brighter than ever before because of its bright young hardworking people – they might study abroad now, but their main goal is to come back home and improve the community they live in.