WTO to rescue the Polish apples One Europe
One Europe
Poland has requested the EU to take the case of the Polish apples to the WTO Following Russia’s recent ban on EU imports including fruits and vegetables, Poland has a blocked economic situation since the most part of Polish apples are being imported to Russia. 

Polish Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki  has expressed his request to the European Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht  after a meeting  in Brussels.

The final verdict can be announced on the 12th September. Meanwhile, the EU officials are cautious  about applying to WTO since it may result in a trade conflict with Russia as it has already happened in the case of Ukraine. The EU is keeping its diplomatic balance in order to maintain the ties with Russia. 

“Australia’s, the US and Canada's opinion will also be important," Sawicki told Polish state news agency PAP. “I believe Deputy Prime Minister (Janusz) Piechociński will engage in talks with those countries”, added the Minister.

On the 7th of August, Russia banned the imports from the EU. The reason that Poland is worried about the embargo is that it has a food export to Russia of an amount of €1.13 billion per year. Being the second largest apple producer of the EU market, Poland is now stuck with  700,000 tones of the fruit it usually sells to Russia. The embargo has been imposed not only in the territory of the EU, but in the US, Norway, Canada, and Australia as well.

This action has been implemented in the response of the Western sanctions  forwarded to Russia’s economy.

The EU argues its sanctions have been imposed in defense of Ukraine's sovereignty. Russia argues it is playing no role in arming, advising or promoting rebellion in eastern Ukraine.

Poland, along with other EU countries like Greece, have already attempted to send their exports to Russia vis-à-vis Belarus, but were caught at the border by Russia’s consumer watchdog, Roselkhoznador.

As a result, other EU Member States have filed suchlike inquires arguing that this embargo will lead the EU to a new crisis necessary to be prevented by applying to the WTO. 

Edited by: Lisa Enocsson