Why do we need Europe?
What is YOUR personal reason for believing in Europe?

The European states have some serious problems. The birthrate is the lowest in the entire world, the population is ageing, and the workforce is decreasing. Of course, we are still one of the richest regions in the world, but this is not a God-given condition.

More than ever we depend on the global economy, an economy that is in many ways more powerful than national governments, which are elected by their people. Some say that this whole development is not good and they want to get back to their national states and their national governments, where, they believe, they’ll live in peace and prosperity.

This is the huge mistake lots of people and even politicians make. You can’t turn back the clock! Of Course the UK, France or Germany can get back to their full national sovereignty, but the markets won’t be impressed by such a step. Globalization is here and it is now.

And after all it has positive effects too. Our world is growing together faster than ever and we have a lot more foreign acquaintances than our grandparents or even our parents have ever had.

Nowadays it’s quiet easy for a young European to travel the world and learn new things, get new impressions of other cultures and other people.

But a globalized economy needs globalized politics that brings the power back to the elected governments, back to its people. This is not an attack on a free market ideology, cause in a real “free” market everybody has to follow the same rules. Only if this is guaranteed we can have a fair competition and a “good” growing economy, which produces useful goods for a brighter future. Competition between companies, between individuals is preferable. We don’t need competition between states or even people – this will cost us all huge parts of our prosperity and even our freedom.

How do we want to get there? How do we want to achieve international politics, if the small Europe itself isn’t able to work together for a greater good?