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Confrontation between Golden Dawn members and anarchists

First of all, to avoid any misunderstandings, I will begin by saying that the Golden Dawn is not only another reason for me to be ashamed of the Greek Parliament, but also a reason for me to worry about the future of Greece. It is embarrassing for Greece to have such representatives in its parliament.

This situation has its own special dilemma. In democracy everyone is allowed to have a say, even the fascists. In Fascism, however, we are forced to keep our mouths shut.

Nevertheless, I want to look deeper at the subject. Is the Golden Dawn the only manifestation of fascism in Greece or are there others? Let us not discuss the Golden Dawn for. We know that it is a Neo-Nazi party. We have analysed it thousands of times. No need to frazzle this issue. What I am concerned about are the things I notice when I look beyond the Golden Dawn.

I am concerned about the general attitude of the parliament. Lately I noticed something about the behaviour of our representatives in the parliament. What they are acting out is a wonderfully theatrical paradox. Without problems they passed measures that impoverish the Greek people and sell off Greece. All this for a tripartite government. On the other side we have an opposition that gloriously came in second in the last election, but has shown to be too inexperienced to control this role.

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In the right-wing party Nea Dimokratia are several fascists. We know them, but we never blame them. And this is a big mistake of the Greek people, because the members of this party control the situation in Greece. To hide their dark past they put the blame on the Golden Dawn.

In recent times we have lost much of our personal freedom. The government has taken measures for which people had to be stripped away of their freedom. Many Greek perceive our government representatives as puppets who not only conceived us, but laughed at us too. The police acted with great violence against the Greek people. We have a rotten education system, and our health care system is sick. We are walking on a tightrope. If the tightrope breaks or if we lose our balance, we find ourselves in a strange and dangerous situations.

All politicians of the parliament are to blame for this. Not only the Golden Dawn, which just entered the political arena last year. Fascism and the limitation of personal freedom have been on the rise in all political parties. Still, to distract from their own responsibility politicians seem to put all the blame on the Golden Dawn, portraying them as dangerous but stupid thugs.

It is true that the Golden Dawn is the only and the most typical manifestation of Neo-Nazism in Greece, but fascism has also been applied with great success by the last government. Unfortunately, the enemies of democracy cannot only been found among the supporters of the Golden Dawn.