Western Ukraine speaks about the protests

Peaceful protests in Ukraine for our rights to live a normal life are continuing, but as almost everyone is talking and discussing events in Kiev or eastern part of Ukraine, where people got discriminated by police and someone called "titushkas" -pre-paid people to endanger civilians. But what about north-western Ukraine? We are lucky, we don't have this "titushkas" and protests here are much more peaceful than in any other parts of the country. But it doesn't mean that we are keeping silence and doing nothing to find solution for the national problem.

I live in Lutsk, that is the centre of Volyn region, situated on the north-western part of Ukraine, and I'm pretty happy to say that we do support peaceful protests in Ukraine and we support them in the most constituency way.We pray for peace in our country and for a fast solution to the situation. Every day, our people guard militia’s troops in order to prevent them from going to Kiev to join force troops against protesters. They are rotating from time to time, to have some sleep and a hot meal.

On January, we overthrown the Governor of the Volyn region in the most peaceful way, but few days ago our president appointed another Governor, who is the main representative of the governance party that people want to avoid in the political system of our region.That was an unfair rotation and on the 9th of February people went to the Theater Square - main square in Lutsk and started their protest again. They said that Ukraine wants to get rid of the political party that has their hands covered in blood.

The Government tries to divide Ukraine. Some people keep saying that the western part of Ukraine is the place for "nationalists", and that we hate Russian people and if someone will use Russian language we will bite them. But that is not true, even me, who lives there talking Russian since my birth, and I'm safe here and people understand me and talk to me. Actually, I can say that there are a lot of Russian speaking people here, and if people love their country, that doesn't mean we are "nationalists" and do not accept any other cultures or nationalities.

One lady from the governance party made a statement, that people from western Ukraine are stupid, uneducated farmers and "nationalists", who just want to get rid of the Government who has more education. Does she really think that it was politically correct to announce this unreasonable thing to the whole Ukraine? Double or more education does not matter on your professionalism sometimes, because our corruptive system and the broken system of education allow people to get a diploma even without attending any classes. If you have money you can just buy a diploma - that is their double or triple education, she was talking about...

If a Government does not respect their nation, how could the nation respect the Government? So people start peacefully fighting for their rights again and nearly thousands of protestants came to the main square in Lutsk on the 9th of February. They were boycotting the new Volyn Governor appointed by the president. In few minutes, the automaidan, that is the chain of cars with Ukrainian symbols arrived to Maidan with honks.There were a lot of young and older people, kids with parents and even dogs and pigeons. I think that even birds and animals are struggling together with Ukrainians for a better life. After the meeting people walked peaceful through the city centre to show to the Government that we are unity and we dare to stand up and act for positive changes in the life of our society.

We are not the "nationalists" that people used to be aware of, we accept differences maybe even more than others and we love our country. If someone is still afraid of western Ukraine because of stupid stereotypes, you had better come to visit us, and discover a nice and peaceful region.

 Edited by Laura Davidel
 Photo credits: www.businessinsider.com