Welcome to the “post truth politics” age Gizmodo.uk

There is no doubt that the political status quo in Europe is changing amazingly fast raising concerns at the same time about the stability of the political system in many countries. Political change is not always bad if it’s the result of a democratic process. The problem in today’s world is the quality of new politicians. The consequences of the economic crisis in 2008 and the failure of old political parties to inspire people and suggest solutions to the everyday problems gave birth to a huge wave of populism and nationalism. In people’s mind the slow growth rates was the result of globalization and free trade. That gave a massive boost to the populist and nationalist. Now their parties play a major role in political life. Lies and misleading is now more often than ever, threating the quality of democracy and rule of law. And the question is: Hasn’t always been like that? And the answer is “Not exactly”. 

Nowadays the politicians are using “post truth politics” to gain or remain in power.  In the past if a politician lied to people and didn’t do what he had promised he’d automatically lose power and his lies would make him look untrustworthy. Today politicians like Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Viktor Orban and many others lie without caring because they know that the political cost is lower than what they gain from lying. They mislead the crowd in purpose and lie about facts. This is lowering the quality of constitutions, threating the rule of law and making countries unstable. They don’t have a plan, they don’t have an ideology and they don’t respect the international community.

Also today there is so many information on the media and the internet that is difficult for a person to analyze everything.  There is confusion on what information on the internet is true and what is false.  So as a result people don’t know what to believe.  There is no an “expert” like a newspaper or a television channel that you know that what they tell is the absolute right thing. So it seems like nowadays the word “truth” has become somehow relative.

The perfect example of post truth politics was the famous “red bus” during the Brexit campaign. On that bus was written; “we send the EU 350 million a week, lets fund our NHR instead. Vote leave.” This gave a huge boost to the Brexit campaign and played important role as the message on that bus was very strong. The problem in that whole story was that the message was misleading. The fact that UK is sending that money is truth, but on the other hand they forgot to say how much they receive by UK’s participation to EU. Also after the referendum when the Leader of UKIP was asked if he was sure that he could keep this promise he answered “no”.

Everyday people are losing more and more faith on politics which leads to huge problems on how our democracy can work and have a stable future. With so much technology available to almost everyone on the western countries we were supposed to solve many of our problems. The internet should have democratized us even more; instead our critical thinking has become worst rather than better. Now more than ever, there is the necessity of new, well-educated and honest politicians which will face the problems. Probably a new wave of functionalism and neo-functionalism like the one David  Mitrany and Ernst B. Haas had introduced. A new age has dawn in the political reality and it’s up to us to make the future brighter based on truth, tolerance and realism.