We all love a good steak, but what if it came from cloned animals? Would you still eat it?

Cloning is reproducing an individual without fertilisation. So it is nothing to do with genetically modified organisms or GMOs where the genome is modified with the insertion of one or more genes, changing its genetic make-up.

The advantage of having heterogeneous individuals is that the animals are more resistant and we can avoid some of the risks. The welfare of the animal is the primary concern here in Europe.  

But what about food safety?

The European Food Safety Authority says there is no difference between traditional food and food from cloned animals.

Tracing and labelling could be a good solution, but it is seen as too cumbersome and costly.

It could damage trade between EU and third countries that do not differentiate foods on the basis of animal origin - i.e if the animal is bred traditionally or cloned.