What do you think about Uber?

Have you ever tried this system? How was your experience?

Airbnb for renting your apartment to tourists, BlaBlaCar for ridesharing and Uber if you would like to become an occasional driver... These internet-based enterprises jostle the traditional economy. They have an impact on the markets they target, changing the rules of the game, influencing prices and employment. Uber is a textbook case.

Uber's revolution is to allow supply to meet demand via a simple smartphone. The company takes a commission of around 20% per ride.

Uber makes a private vehicle available to the public in an underground economy.

The courts in several EU countries have been asked to rule on Uber's legality.

In London the Uber drivers have to comply with the same rules as private drive hires.
In several EU countries taxi associations are trying to get the Uber app banned.

A battle that has made its way to the European Commission where Uber calls for free access to the EU digital single market.

The EP has expressed concern over the uncontrolled development of Uber and has asked the Commission to take stock of the situation in the different EU countries where the company operates.