A brave new world on Europe's Eastern border.

Turkey - regional powerhouse, a hub for energy, tourism and manufacturing. Some say a Western - leaning country of moderate Islam, putting demons like the era of military rule behind it. But for others in this nation of 75 million people old demons have been replaced by new ones.

A leaning towards authoritarianism, suppression of the media, control of the judiciary - all no-go areas for the EP, which in May is debating progress on accession. 

Critics point to anti-government protests in Gezi Park in Istanbul and across the country in 2013.

Turkey has made much progress and people should not look at some isolated incidents.

We should see that we are wanted and that we have to make certain developments, some progress.

"I don't think that Turkey will be accepted in EU for religious reasons and for reasons of different identities. I believe Turkey will get accession on a different status, as Nicolas Sarkozy of France put it."

"Europe needs Turkey and Turkey needs Europe."

Turkey has made huge steps, huge leaps.

"Turkey sits in a very key strategic position and has been a NATO ally for over 50 years. We need to ensure that Turkey remains firmly in the Western democratic camp."