The nuclear option many feared Britain would follow but hoped they wouldn't, that's now a reality. 

Martin SCHULZ: '' We are very sad about the decision of the of the voters in the United Kingdom but it is a sovereign expression of the will of British voters to leave the European Union."

Manfred WEBER: "As someone who stands for the idea of Europe and cooperation on this continent, it is a sad day. For us it's important to emphasise that the path that Europe is taking together in a globalised world. is the right path for the other 27 states. 

Gianni PITTELLA: "I feel very sad, but it is not the end of Europe. It's a choice and we respect it. It's the wrong choice, but we will react to it. We will relaunch a strong political offensive to respond to the concerns of the European citizens. Today, it's necessary to save Europe by changing it and by making it more accessible to the citizens."

For the first time in the history, after wave after wave of expansion, the EU now shrinks 27 member states. No more 28. 

During the economic and refugee trials of the past years the EU has attempted, often failed, to act ''together''. Now, more than ever, that will be the ambition. Minus one. 

Credit to European Parliament