Seize the opportunity that EU prepared for you: 50.000 Euro for top three projects.

New Ways to Grow is the competition that will support individuals and organizations with entrepreneurial, game changing ideas for social innovation projects.

The EU requires growth that sustains not only financial value, but also social progress for citizens, government and enterprises alike. 

The Competition launched on 23rd March in Gdansk, Poland.

The Competition invites Europeans to come up with game changing ideas that can advance Europe’s growth model, for example

  • Challenge the assumptions upon which economic growth is usually conceived (e.g. the trend for sharing and collaborative economy);
  • Question supply chain, production and delivery modes, or use of mainstream products or services (e.g. circular economy);
  • Conceive new technologies or propose smarter use of existing technologies for the benefit of society (e.g. internet of things or 3D-printing);
  • Generate new solutions and approaches for societal challenges of today and the future.

Competition timelines

  • Launch of the competition: 23 March 2015 in Gdansk
  • Deadline for submission: 8 May 2015 at 12:00 noon (Brussels time)
  • 1st jury meeting to select semi-finalists: 15 July 2015 in Brussels
  • Mentoring academy for semi-finalists: 7 – 9 September 2015 in Vienna
  • Re-submission by semi-finalists: 23 September 2015 at 12:00, noon (Brussels time)
  • 2nd jury meeting to select finalists: 21 October 2015 in Brussels
  • Awards Ceremony in Brussels: 25 November 2015 in Brussels (tbc) 

More details: 

Credit to European Commission