In an exclusive interview with viEUws, Jerzy Buzek - Chair of the Conference of Committee Chairs at the European Parliament - talks to Hughes Belin about the Juncker Commissioners’ Parliament hearings which will take place from September 29 to October 7.

Before the new Juncker Commission can take office, the European Parliament will quiz the 28 candidates on their skills and qualifications at the Commissioners’ hearings. Jerzy Buzek, who supervises the organisation of these hearings at the Parliament, hopes that the candidates will be well prepared and will concentrate on the content of their work, instead of getting into ideological discussions. Each hearing will last at least three hours, the candidates with horizontal responsibilities will have to appear before multiple committees. If the committees are not satisfied with at least one candidate, extra hearings will be held. The former President of the European Parliament assures that there is enough time for additional hearings, if necessary. However, Buzek hopes that the hearings will not need to be repeated and that Parliament will give its green light to the current Juncker candidates by approving the full Commissionwhen they vote on October 22. The new Commission then could start work on November 1.