In an exclusive interview with viEUws at the Forum on the Future of Agriculture 2014, Franz Fischler – former European Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development and Chairman of the RISE Foundation – talks to AGRA FACTS  journalist Rose O’Donovan about a future agricultural strategyto feed the growing world population.

Fischler claims that we need to develop new methods to grow and produce more food, as the world population increases and more agricultural products are destined for non-food purposes. Investment in innovation has to be put at the centre of agricultural strategies, according to the former Commissioner. “Only if we do the necessary developments and  go for new technologies, we get a chance to provide enough food for the world”, says Fischler. Moreover, genetic engineering in food production cannot be ignored – but it is not the only solution, he adds. Food production must be developed in those parts of the world where people suffer from hunger – the potential of these areas must be tapped into, the RISE Chairman concludes.