Being a trainee or a stagiaire at European Parliament helps you to get in touch with the EU work done from a multicultural point of view, strong negotiations and limitless vision.

There are Schuman scholarships for university graduates, a general and journalism option, translation traineeships. There are placements for young people just out of secondary school. All of them are offered to people with disabilities.

In addition to describing their motivation, candidates must indicate their language skills and education and choose two services or Directorates - General where they would like to work.

Every year 25,000 people try their luck, but only 600 make it.
They have five months to discover what it's like on the inside: either from March to July or from October to February. There are two periods for making an application: from 15 August until 15 October and from 15 March until 15 May.

But what would an ideal trainee be like?

Alain CRESPINET: "They should above all be versatile, have a great sense of initiative and work as well as part of a team. These are the three required qualities."

But a traineeship carries no guarantees for the future. In order to get a job with the EU institutions, they would still have to pass a competition just like everyone else.

A traineeship in the EP also means partaking in the pleasures of the EU bubble. Every Thursday evening, the Place du Luxembourg in front of the EP is the place to be for trainees and their new colleagues.

Would YOU like to experience it?

Credit to EuroparlTV