E-commerce and Internet Services

What do Europeans do online?

22% Use the Cloud to store their files

29% Do phone or video calls

38% Download music, films and games

46% Participate in Social Networks

47% Use E-government Services

52% Read the News Online

50% of Europeans Shop Online
44% of Europeans use Online Bank Services

But only one in seven shop online from other EU countries
Europeans who shop online worry that:
Our personal data is misused - 30%
Our Credit Card details are stolen - 25%
We won't get what we purchased - 25%
We can't exchange or return the products - 30%

The Net is also grateful for selling! But only 15% of EU companies sell online!
Only 7% of EU companies sell online to other EU countries and they find many barriers:
High Delivery Costs - 51%
Expensive Warranties and Returns - 42%
Complicated Foreign Taxation - 38%
Lack of Knowledge of Rules and Regulations - 37%

Europeans need Digital Skills! A Digital Society is made of Digitally-Skilled Citizens
60% of Europeans have at least Basic Digital Skills
A Digital Economy needs a Digitally-Skilled Workforce!