The European Digital Agenda - the new drive of European economy powers up to empower technology and people to make business. We use billions of devices to stay connected, in the next decade we can reach a trillion.

How the Digital Agenda will take Europe to infinity and beyond?

It is a center piece of the EU 2020 strategy. Promising a new passport band, a better online security and a better support of online innovation.

110 million people from Europe have never use the Internet. 246 million people have not learned yet ICT skills.

900.000 jobs in the IT sector could remain unfilled because the people don't have the right skills.

The Digital Agenda is expected to increase EU GDP by 5 % by scrapping roaming charges and other charges for goods and services. It would encourage more start-ups, we will have better infrastructure and we will keep away cyber-criminals.

It is all about evolution! 

Credit to Europarltv