How were the borders of Europe 20 years ago?

Before the creation of Schengen area borders between European countries were closed, and often a chore to get through. But now crossing the border between Luxembourg and France seems perfectly natural to us.

With all the checks on documents, car searches and administrative procedures making things slow for citizens, it was sometimes difficult to feel truly European.

So many obstacles for free movement? Schengen is now a landmark name.

In 1985 France, Germany and Belgium countries met together to bring about the end of internal their borders. 

It wasn't until 26 March 1995, just 20 years ago, that the agreement came fully into force.
The agreement was one of the first steps in formalising 'enhanced cooperation' between Member States and European Community outside the EU.

But what is Schengen Agreement?

Its purpose its to do away with border controls and to reinforce cooperation between the police, the judicial and customs authorities in the countries who signed the agreement.

Today, 22 of the 28 Member States are part of the Schengen area. 

Credit to EuroparlTV