Time for pan-European political parties and exchange of political ideas?

In the European Parliament's Facebook page recently I read: "Foreign coaches and players are no news in European sports, like Fabio Capello for example. Foreign politicians are still a big no-no in European politics. Can that change with the emergence of truly pan-European parties".

I think it is about time. If we want a truly united Europe, it is time to start thinking "European". For the good and benefit of all the Continent, not just our own little piece of land. Since we are all interconnected, binded by theCommon Market, what happens in one nation affects all others. And do not forget that in the past, in every war, most european countries got involved and all were affected directly or indirectly.

If we want to achieve the stability of the Continent an the equal distribution of wealth, equal opportunities and progress for all its inhabitants, we must start thinking in a collective way. So far, sticking to our national interests and the constant competition between us for resources and power, led to the fact that Europe relies in the investment of foreign multinational companies for any progress, and the involvement of the Markets. It also led to the unequal distribution of wealth, with the western part of the continent being more stable and more prosperous. Europe is not "free" to decide its own social policies in this globalized word. What do I mean by that?

Our national government elites were established after WW2, and are the remnants of it in many cases. Following the same nationalist and populist agendas, to perpetuate their reign and influence over our countries. Judging from my national Government in Greece that is exactly the case, since its politics are still influenced by the Greek Civil War. The Greek Civil War was the result of the struggles between the pro-Western capitalist nationalist party and the Communist Party and their allies, both funded and influenced by foreign European powers. In Ireland too we notice the influence of their Civil War after their independence from Britain, and like Greece the dominance of mainly two political parties that still represent the two waring groups of the civil wars. I will add that after WW2 Europe was in ruins and was rebuilt with money pouring in the continent from the USA and the infamous Marshall Plan. Do you think that those money came for nothing? Would it be unfair to say that those money helped to establish an elite that would make sure that Europe would be a huge market that would be flooded by American goods for the decades that followed? And for that create a kind of capitalism that would allow and perpetuate this situation?

In my opinion it is time for them to have a good shake up and a wake up call. Bring in new blood of politicians, that do not bow to the national corruption circles, that have new ideas, no connection to any national elites that harm the country, by bribing our governments to create policies that suits them. Politicians that will be paid to create policies that will benefit the region the country and the citizens, not continue the political status quo, the corruption circle that smothers all good ideas, progress and reform. Our national Governments are easily bribed and bought off by foreign investors and multinationals, or the big powers of our planet, and their policies are not always for the benefit of the people. They must comply with the give and take games, with all the lobbying that takes place in all those summits and shapes the destiny of each nation.What could explain for example the lack of initiative from the Greek Government to exploit Greece's national wealth and assets?

I would love to have a Swede, a German or a Dane as Mayor of my home town Thessaloniki in Greece. The city has so many potentials, but our national politicians follow the same circle of policies that date back to the disastrous civil war. Enough!! Bring in European politicians to see and exploit those potentials, and give the people of Thessaloniki and Greece the wealth and stability that they deserve. Weaken our national corrupt Governments, that is my mantra and the reason why I always look towards Europe, and why I support a strong Europarliament and a more federal Europe! And for that we need to start trusting any competent European politician, either he/she is of our own nationality or not. Stop voting for the same established corrupt political elites, rather for someone who has the passion, interest and competence to offer solutions and his/her work for the region, promoting its citizens interests. And I am sure when faced with this new competition, our national politicians will eventually cope on!