This is what YOU will get back

After we have let you know that we are preparing a crowdfunding campaign, it’s time to tell why your donation will be a good investment!

First of all, you won’t get any shares of a company as we are not a business that looks for profit.

However, we will turn your support into SOCIAL IMPACT and there are dozens of people in our team standing ready to work on it!

You will be able to enjoy the fruits of your support yourself. OneEurope will evolve into an online platform that involves Europeans in the debate on the future of Europe, that accepts them not only as observers but as participants and contributors at the centre of attention, where they belong in a democracy.

If you have accompanied us for the last two years you know where we are coming from.

We started off with a simple fanpage on facebook building a solid base of followers. 

Facebook is a good place for discussion on the sideline but a fanpage is very limited. Aside from a few designs and links it doesn’t allow customization for a special purpose, not to mention the lack of space and depth for an appropriate reflection and representation of European diversity. 

We have accomplished the first steps of our own platform in the past year. We have gathered a broad team of contributors from all over Europe. Articles, infographics, videos -   we provide daily updates of content from a European perspective and have reached more than 100.000 people with our website and social media channels. 

However we want to INVOLVE, not only reach Europeans. We want to give you reason to express your opinion across borders, to understand others and explore common ground. Reason to debate, argue, have fun, learn, get to know like-minded people. 

Most of all we want to give you and anyone else in Europe a place where your voice is understood, presented and appreciated as part of a democratic European society.


1. Comments will become a visible and ubiquitous (but moderated) feature as the ‘public voice‘ within OneEurope, emancipated from editors' content.

2. We will even out the gap between authors and readers. In the future, writers will not only publish for an audience but can adapt the subject of research to the desire and suggestion of their readers through a central tool.

3. As a member of the OneEurope community you will be able to interact with other
 members easily, get in touch and follow their contributions.

4. Reader ideas and opinions should not get lost over time in a giant heap of old discussions. We will foster them, for example through a virtual parliament system.

5. Europe speaks more than English! We will expand into more languages, publish content in several languages, starting with the most popular ones.

6. Europe is rich in culture, young democracy and a range of wide-spread issues and developments. We will increase the quality and quantity of our coverage significantly over time in order to appropriately lift awareness and incite fruitful grass-root debates.

All of that among other updates will require a major overhaul of our website. 

In fact we have already started the preparation of a system that will provide the technical basis allowing us to create exactly the functionality we wish to integrate with a user interface intuitive to use for anyone. 

We need YOUR help to make it a reality!


For the website: Server capacity and bandwidth.

Marketing: Promotion of new website updates, in particular at the launch. Recruitment of additional volunteer moderators, web developers, editors, translators and  artists through online advertisement.

Rewards:  Every donator will receive a small reward which depends on the amount of the donation. This may be a special profile on OneEurope, a postcard, a 2013 Yearbook, an ebook or hardcover book, or an invitation to meet the team! 

We will elaborate in more detail as we approach the launch of the campaign.


You can help right now by sharing this article far and wide.

If you would like to volunteer for OneEurope at this crucial time, we have many opportunities: 

Thank you for this amazing year, let's turn this campaign into a success together!