The tension in Greece is growing
Greek drama

In the main article of the Sunday edition of Kathimerini (23rd of August), it is stated that: “Voters have heard enough lies and false promises. Greece is paying a hefty price for the failure of political leaders to tell the truth about the crisis and for appointing government jobs on the basis of affiliation, not merit. People have rewarded politicians who pledged handouts or an end to austerity – and then come the hard facts that led to anger and disappointment. It’s time that we, citizens, become better informed and more critical “clients.” We too are responsible for believing in pipe dreams”. This opinion is, in a way, prevalent.

What happened before the declaration of elections? The MPs of the “Left Platform” of the governing party have declared that they are not going to vote for a new memorandum of agreement with the loaners. The so-called “Left Platform” constitutes the hardcore left wing of the left government and its members traditionally derive from the Communist Party, which they chose to leave when they founded SYNASPISMOS (the predecessor of SYRIZA, which has been actually governing till last week in Greece ). The Left platform, led by Mr. Panagiotis Lafazanis (ex-minister, ex-parliamentary representative of the government, founding member of the government party and main rival to the ongoing process to establish the foundation for a new loan agreement), has made it clear: its supporters are not going to vote the new memorandum. On Monday, the 24th, Mr. Lafazanis received the mandate from the President of the Greek Republic, in order to try to form a government, as in the previous week he founded his own political anti-bailout party “Popular Unity”.

The anti-bailout party was founded last week, following the Prime Minister’s and the government’s resignation. The “Popular Unity” is the political party born by the Left Platform of SYRIZA and it wages war with SURIZA. The main journal of SYRIZA “Avgi” is quite laconic, as far as the “Popular Unity” is concerned, merely announcing on the front page of its e-version that “25 MPs of the Left Platform, with Panagiotis Lafazanis as their head, have formed the political party of “Popular Unity”. The announcement is the last one on a page with revolutionary declarations on the part of SYRIZA. Nevertheless, Mr. Alexis Tsipras has every reason to be skeptical about further leaks from his party.

What is going on with Greece? Thousands of refugees and immigrants arrive every day to the Greek territory, the economy has reached a dead end, the need for humanitarian aid for the new arrivals is reaching its furthest limit, while:

“The bitter reality is that Greece is getting poorer, day by day. The economy, as well as the administration, disintegrates” states G.Malouhos in the newspaper “TO VIMA” (page 2-18, 2 August 2015).

The present condition can be definitely characterized as a Modern Greek drama. Except for the possibility of redemption or “catharsis”.  Mr. Dimitris Dimitriadis, prominent and awarded writer, states in the Sunday edition of “TO VIMA” (idem) that: “We should ban Greeks from exercising power over Greeks. Greece should be protected from Greeks who pursue and possess power in order to exercise it over Greeks. This should be the first article of a new Constitution” (idem p. 2-20).

For him, “independence, dignity and pride are not assured when Greeks govern Greeks”. Is that an oxymoron or an extravagance? I would dare say that “no”. During one of our worst crises ever, on all levels of human life and government, the main rivals of the government have come from its own ranks. Nevertheless, Greeks suffer too much to get once more divided over the promises of the government. All confidence is lost and the problem is that when you lose your confidence, how can you possibly inspire it to others? Farmers are revolting for the imposition of VAT of 23% (the government strives for a decreased percentage and it will depend on the revenue source: the VAT will vary on whether farming is a main occupation or not), the “quartet” (formerly known as the “troika”) of the technical institutions have been feverishly negotiating with the ex-government ministers, the stock market has been devastated and life goes on under a veil of uncertainty and numbness. We are all numb.

Under the blue sky, even the heart-warming and relaxing Greek summer, now coming to its end, cannot alleviate the deep feeling of disappointment for our (once more) lost expectations. It’s been a continuous heatwave of lies, deceptions and strenuous efforts to make it right. The left, then, has its own rights. It remains to be seen what will be left.