The television propaganda in Greece after the European elections

I did not vote in Athens, instead I went to do it to my hometown, on the island Chios. On Sunday night I took the ship to come back to Athens. I was tired but sleepless so I stayed in the ship’s parlor to watch the election results on a famous private channel (Mega TV). Listening to the comments of journalists and invited politicians, I realized that the winner of the evening varied from channel to channel and of course from the reality. According to private Greek channels and the regimented public television there was no victory for the Left nor the defeat of the far-right Antonis Samaras’s party (New Democracy).

The final results of the elections made me feel proud because Greece elected the Left as the first power, in contrast to other countries such as France and England where there was rise of the extreme right. I feel even more proud because while my country is struggling against the crisis and being hurt by German policy, my fellow citizens did not lose their hopes for a different Europe, opposite to the hatred and violence of neo-Nazi party the Golden Dawn.

On the other hand we cannot ignore the rise of the Golden Dawn. It is shocking that the majority of the Golden Dawn voters are in the age 18-24 years. Even the ignorance or indignation cannot be justified as excuses for voting for this political power. The rise of neo-Nazi ideology supporters (not only in Greece) is a nightmare which should be taken under control before it is too late. But it makes me desperate to observe how German policy forces Europe to support the Ukrainian neo-Nazis. I'm concerned because Angela Merkel supports as well the right-wing politician Antonis Samaras in Greece. It is disturbing because this political model is obviously spreading on the rest of Europe.

What happens in Greece?

The Greeks loathe the far-right political Antonis Samaras and his fascist in the government (Georgiadis, Voridis, Varvitsitotis, Baltakos, Kranidiotis etc.). They believe in the European vision of Alexis Tsipras (SYRIZA), still they are not yet convinced in the corresponding Greek vision. Therefore the government coalition has lost eleven points.

The government MP Makis Voridis (he has black fascist past), had said before the election that if New Democracy (Antonis Samara’s far-right party) loses, then Samaras should resign because he will not be able to rule the country after an election defeat, unless he wants to become a dictator. Samaras lost but he continues to rule.

Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis (known for his anti-Semitic and fascist views) does not admit the defeat of the New Democracy because he considers that the four points difference between the first party and his party is irrelevant. Nevertheless he was ruling all these years with audacity considering his party triumphant, purposely ignoring the fact that they won with just two point difference at the recent national elections in June 2012.

A great propaganda journalist, John Pretenteris, claimed on Sunday night that none of the European elections’ winners called for national elections after the results were made public. Probably he did not hear the statements of Marie Le Pen in France.

Also the president of the former socialist party, Evangelos Venizelos, defined Alexis Tsipras’s (Head of the left party) requirements  for direct national elections to be undemocratic. Perhaps, he has forgotten that when at the previous European elections the Socialist Party (PASOK) had won with four points difference from the ruling party New Democracy, he called for direct national elections, which took place after few months.

As for the next election day, it seemed strange and funny that the parties which came second and fourth in the election results, celebrated more than others. But we must understand that people do not want them anymore. If they continue to keep the power, the polarization in Greek society will increase. The lack of democracy in my country will lead more and more people to the both ends.

The social explosions have become common phenomena. The consequences are dire and the future is getting more and more uncertain. There are many examples like Ukraine, Venezuela, Turkey, Thailand, etc. We must learn from the experience and the history to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Greece should be led to the national elections, otherwise the treacherous tranquility which is prevailing nowadays will turn into huge rage later. 

Edited by: Hanna Starchyk