The Syrians are not the problem
Number of Refugees coming into Europe and their countries of origin

Every generation lives through at least one humanitarian crisis. This is part of history, and the current humanitarian crisis is in Syria.

Syrians are a people with roots in the Middle East and with a higher level of education compared to several European countries. But the interests of others, led them to a bloody civil war, which was followed by a deadly onslaught of Islamists.

Alone now, stateless, with little money in their pocket, those who managed to reach the coasts of Asia Minor came to Greece. However, the Greeks islands were filled and they headed for the mainland. Thousands of unhappy souls gathered at the border with FYROM. They did not all receive a warm welcome. As they continued up north, many felt a worsening treatment.

For them, the ultimate goal is Germany and the UK. The Mediterranean countries cannot feed them and they know it. European funding is not enough. They are hungry but they have dignity.

The borders of Italy opened. The UK panicked with the latest events in the Channel Tunnel. The same fear is starting to develop in Germany with the advent of the Syrians.

Unfortunately, the West did not take the lesson from its tragic mistakes. The situation in Mali, Ethiopia and Rwanda, was relatively far from European soils. The deaths of tens of thousands of civilians was too far for Europeans. We kept the consumption rate of materialistic life, disregarding or ignoring the massacres in other parts of the world.

However, the West did not calculate the consequences of their decisions. They didn’t realize that if their neighbor's house burns, their own will soon follow.

Europe is dangerously indecisive. Despair might soon turn into rage. A rage which may join many voices in southern European nations.

The Syrians are not the problem. 

The Syrians are just another excuse for much wider issues.