The populism nexus and the grim future of humanity Timpul
The populism nexus and the grim future of humanity

The years 2015 and 2016 have made us witnesses of a terrifying series of events that have shaken the very foundations of human rights, democracy and freedom .Whether it was the series of terrorist hits by Jihadist radicals that cost the lives of many innocent people or the vast numbers of refugees that have been dying ever since the crisis began, things have been shaped in such a way that our hopes for humanity aren’t in such a good place at the moment . On the other hand there is a substantial rise of nationalism amongst countries being European ones or even now the USA with their newest election digging further the “grave” of our civilization. But the question remains, how did we end up here?

While it is true that the civil war on Syria and the spark of ISIS which in turn caused the great refugee crisis – that will without a doubt carve its name in one of the darkest pages of our modern History – became one of the most difficult milestones that Europe and the rest of the civilized world had to overcome no matter the cost , in order for a crisis to be solved there needs to be strong , efficient leadership and by this I do not mean authoritarianism but rather a powerful democratic fore that will “wash away” anything that tries to tackle the foundations and ideals some brave people stood for and died for many years ago.

Unfortunately though instead of the strong democratic approach, most countries and their people have chosen the weak populist and nationalistic approach in order to deal with the problem. In the European Union countries like Hungary and Austria closed their borders to prevent refugees from entering in a manner that doesn’t even respect the way the rest of the European Member states had chosen to deal with that issue . Britain decided after a referendum vote to leave the EU in search of her own long lost glory while politicians like Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson gain fame by using lies in order to persuade the British people . Also in the same direction France is getting ready to elect the newest jewel of politics being none other than Marine Le Pen who is ready to overflow one more country with nationalistic ideas . And  in the end of the line for Europe there is this little country called Greece that has a great past and a grimmer future as the European Union combined with Greece’s useless government have made this country into a plainfield of austerity , poverty and a refugee parking lot .

But let’s leave the European Union and lets have a look at other key countries . Turkey is a great example of democracy gone wrong . We have watched President Erdogan making a 180-degree turn form democratic to authoritarian in order to gain votes, firing his Prime minister because he had different opinions and after the failed coup and the thousands of people be it Army soldiers or normal civilians that were arrested, tortured or killed Erdogan is getting ready to turn Turkey’s constitution rules from Parliamentary into Presidential giving to himself even more power . On the other side Russia continues to engage into the Middle East gaining more and more ground in the energy business and trying to gain as much as it can from the crisis and the wars while President Vladimir Putin rules his country with a different “Iron Fist” . Last but not least let’s see how the USA fit into this spiral nexus. On November 9th 2016 Americans elected Donald Trump as their 45th President and put one more dot on this huge canvas of nationalism. Mr. Trump “painted” his presidential campaign with the brightest colors of populism and gained lots of support despite the fact that he spoke of deporting immigrants and building a huge wall between Mexico . And thus the “suicide squad” that will dedicate its powers to destroy centuries of democracy peace and prosperity is being assembled.

All in all, my personal opinion as I stated in the first paragraph is that humanity’s future is looking pretty grim and there isn’t really anything to do in order to change the course that has been drawn . The only solution is to understand the reasons why people prefer politicians with nationalistic and populist ideals and why isn’t our democracy working any more .because if we don’t focus our efforts in order to solve our basic problems we will end up tearing our world apart into a chaotic state of lies , violence and even more misdirected nationalism .-