The inside beauty of children with Down Syndrome

Albanian photographer, Soela Zani, has re-created famous paintings of Albanian children with Down syndrome. Her photography exhibition, ”Every human is a piece of art” has drawn a lot of attention. The purpose was to raise awareness for the childrens' abilities and accomplishments. This project was in collaboration with 'Down Syndrome Albania' and the Director of the institution, Emanuela Zaimi. 

1. Arbi as “Paulo as Harlequin” by Pablo Picasso 1.jpg 

2. Krenardi as “The son of Man” by Rene Magrite 2.jpg 

3. Lela as “The Infant Samuel” by Joshua Reynolds 3.jpg

4. Vanessa as “Harriet Ann Seale” by John Hoppner


5. Flavio as “The Fifer” by Edouard Manet


6. Emiljano as “Boy and Rabbit”, by Henry Raeburn


7. Iris as “Gabrielle Arnault as a Child” by Louis-Léopold Boilly


8. Belkisa as “Las Meninas” by Diego Velasquez


9. Irma as “Prima Ballerina” by Edgar Degas


10. Eljana as “Child with dove” by Pablo Picasso


11. Eta as “Sister Tone” by Kol Idromeno