The indiscipline of European states
Austerity has hit Europe badly. Especially Southern European states, such as Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

While lenders threaten the Greek government that, unless more reforms take place, they will not pay the next installments of the agreed loan, those same lenders do not take into account the recommendations of the European Committee for reforms which are required in their own countries. 

I am referring to Germany, France, Belgium and many which are among the "strong" economies of Europe, which through their behavior exhibit an indifference and indiscipline because they believe that they are not accountable to anyone. This is understandable because no one threatens and blackmails them. Conversely, these economic forces coerce Southern Europe to implement strict EU directives, which lead to awful results in Spain, Greece and Portugal. We do not need statistics because the reality is clear.

The paradox is that countries which do not follow EU recommendations are those that play a dominant role in the economic policy of the European Union and make decisions which they insist the powerless must implement. Germany tightens the noose arrogantly to the weak and it defiantly refuses to comply with the recommendations which the European Committee makes. There are cases where the disobedience brings positive results and it shows a respect to the citizens of each country. The European Commission advised Belgium to cut a bonuses in wages and the Belgian government refused, thus protecting the wages of workers and preventing their bankruptcy. Of course this requires negotiating capacity by the government and courage and independence to implement economic programs.

It is necessary to compare the Belgian government with the Greek one, which said "yes" to everything that was requested of them. Greece, like every European country, has the right to say "no" to some decisions, because there is no a single European policy on the economy but also because every country must protect its citizens.

Unfortunately, in Greece, the enslaved government has done nothing to enable the Greeks to live within the limits of survival and dignity. The Greek finance ministers says only "yes" to the decisions of the European Commission without putting the slightest objection, or defending the Greek interests.

I hope the injustice towards the Greek population and the fact that the Greek government is enslaved has started to become clear to all other Europeans.