The Death of Justice in Greece
Some of over the 20 immigrants shot by their Greek employers, as they asked for their salaries after not getting paid for 6 months.

Endless is the decline of Greek society and the Greek state law. At first we laughed at the stupidity of politicians. Then we watched with numbness Greek democracy shrinking. Finally, the rage followed, because the politicians (with the connivance of the EU) destroyed our dreams day by day. And today… we feel shame for Greek justice.

Justice in Greece died long ago, but people have been ignoring this. However, today the examples are too obvious to ignore. Nobody can remain inactive seeing such a huge injustice. The latest example of sick Greek injustice is the decision taken for the criminal activity of strawberry producers in New ManoladaWhen immigrants who hadn't been paid for 6 months in Greece asked for their salary, their boss ordered enforcers to shoot them. As a result over 20 people were injured.  
And now apparently all criminals are innocent! This was the unanimous decision of the Mixed Jury Appeal of Patras (Wednesday 30-07-2014).

Let’s suppose that the facts and allegations of the immigrants are false and the storyline was invented in their minds. Let’s accept it, for a while, as difficult as it seems. Let's say that this was the reason for the acquittal of the accused. Which excuse did they use for the illegal employment of people in their fields (and the brutal conditions of slavery). One acquittal contradicts the other and both of them show that the situation in Greece has started to walk on even more dangerous paths.

The reason for my concern is simple and understandable. After this criminal acquittal in New Manolada, every social group which is treated unjustly will not use the Greek justice system, and may look for other means to find fairness and justice. Their faith in this institution evaporated abruptly when they clearly saw crimes, which were not punished. The alienation of citizens from Greek justice will push them into other paths which will help them more effectively in the fight to find their rights. But those new trails will not be so bloodless.

Also this decision, legitimizes the armed hand of fascists and neo-Nazis towards immigrants, homosexuals and leftists. 

 Maybe the objective of the parastate (which has now ventured into government, police and the justice system), is to terrorize the Greek society and immigrants. However, with its' attitude and its' decisions, it will push people to come out with guns on the streets. 

Golden Dawn Immigrants.jpg

Every day I realize that this date comes closer and closer.

In closing I would like to point out that on Tuesday, 29th of July, 2014 (one day before the decision) the prosecutor's office of Dionysia Papadopoulou, asked for the defendants to be judged guilty.

Finally, I want to add that the only politician who celebrated this decision is the right-wing government’s MP, Adonis Georgiades.