The 2013 Congress of the Young European Movement UK – Why you should join!

This Saturday, 22 June, the Young European Movement of the United Kingdom holds its 2013 congress. Held in Cambridge, it brings together members of the Movement from all over the UK and will serve as an opportunity to reflect and discuss this year’s activities as well as providing the opportunity to outline a new course for YEM for the next academic year. As the national and non-partisan youth organisation of the European Movement UK we have a long tradition of being at the heart of the European debate in the United Kingdom. We would like to continue this tradition, which is why the movement is looking forward to welcoming fresh minds and new ideas for a stronger voice in what will probably prove to be another tumultuous year in the European debate here on our great island.

The day will open with a talk by David Grace, former president of JEF Europe. After a good amount of, possibly heated, debate we will be electing a new national board for 2013-2014. Having received a good amount of applications we are looking forward to the presentations of the candidates and their ideas for the next term. Remember, anyone who is a member of YEM can vote (and should vote). If you are not a member yet, do join the movement on the day for a contribution of just 5 Pounds.

What we in particular hope to achieve on the day is a constructive debate about what we have done this year, identifying what we could, or should, carry over into the next year and explore our relationship to other Europe-wide organisations and initiatives in more detail. Our goal is of course not just to bring together those with an interest in a more integrated Europe from the UK but from all over Europe. How can we use methods used in campaigns in other European countries in UK campaigns? What can we do to work together more effectively across national boundaries? Questions that we hope to discuss in more detail with a large group of enthusiastic participants.

Moreover this day will also see the launch of our new campaign to keep the UK in the European Convention on Human Rights (please see here). In a nutshell, this will be a day of ideas, debate and decision-making (since this will, inevitably, make everyone very hungry indeed; do join us for dinner as well at the end of the day). Our call to everyone who wants to get involved; come and join us at Robinson College, Cambridge this Saturday from 10am to late at night.

For more information, please see YEM UK’s detailed info page here.