The Youth Association for a Greater Europe, was spontaneously created by youth from all over the world, at a conference. The initiative was quickly endorsed by the Council of Europe, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French European Youth Parliament, among many others.

Their aim is to encourage active interaction between youth from the entire continent, from Iceland to the Ural Mountain, in order to change the stereotyped vision and historical baggage between nations, and to ultimately make the youth aware of the common heritage and shared values in all European countries, so we are able to fruitfully cooperate in order to build our future. 

In their own words:
"Despite profound cultural ties and serious common challenges proving that effective cooperation and dialogue between countries of the European Union and countries of the CIS are essential, people from both regions are not connected enough and have a stereotyped vision of each other which hinders good cooperation."

In order to achieve their aims, the Youth Association for a Greater Europe, are building a Think Tank, as well as an International Youth Forum in Strasbourg, which aim to provide opportunities for youth from all European countries, from Iceland to Russia to build their common future in the frame of an extended Europe, with easier business and cultural exchanges.