After Volina started learning Serbian by herself in high school just because she liked the sound of it and the people, she became really fascinated with foreign languages and decided to pursue her passion at an academic level. Volina is currently an undergraduate Translation and Interpreting student at the University of Bucharest where she studies English, German and Slovak and seeks to become a conference and court interpreter.

She has always felt at home in multicultural environments and cultural diversity is one of the things that make her tick. As a student, she has actively volunteered with various NGOs and has taken part in many  international projects focused on European integration, cultural heritage, migrations within the European space, as well as language courses in Slovakia and Germany.

Volina completed an Erasmus semester at the University of Vienna, a city which she now sees as a second home, and feels that this experience has taught her more than anything else. Cultural awareness, integration, mutual respect among the peoples of Europe rank now higher than ever among her interests. Journalism is a recently discovered passion of hers and now she enthusiastically writes on global politics for a local magazine and on inspiration in all its shapes on her personal blog. 

The idea behind OneEurope attracted her from the very beginning and she sees it as a „wonderful community of like-minded opinionated people, willing to raise awareness on current European and global matters and share valuable information to be passed on to the youth.”