Virag first graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy as a classical ballet dancer and spent her youth in theaters, museums and touring - experiencing ART first hand.

Having fulfilled her dreams of being on the stage of many reputed Opera houses and of traveling around Europe, Asia and the USA, she felt something was missing in her life.

She then re-graduated as an International Relations expert in 2010 following which she was privileged enough to receive a diplomatic passport, go to Brussels and represent Hungary during the 6 months of its EU Presidency. This once in a lifetime experience opened up many doors for her in Brussels.

Virag currently works as a regulatory consultant, aiming to enhance the fulfillment of EU standards and safety requirements by non–EU manufactures. At the same time, she is a full-time student at the Catholic University in Leuven where she is heading towards a deepened expertise on EU Foreign Policy and related EU Law.

She is fluent in English and Hungarian, with intermediate German and beginner Hebrew, Italian and French.

She has been writing since her early teenage years and is keen to continue doing so more actively. You can see Virag's articles on OneEurope.