Valentin co-founded OneEurope when he was 17 and finishing high school, and has ever since been a Director with OneEurope's Board, taking responsibilities in diverse areas.

His expertise from earlier involvements in professional web development was a crucial factor during the early phases of the project. Besides steering technological development as the Head of IT for 2 years, where meanwhile (as of summer 2013) he leads 2 growing teams (who are responsible for maintenance and data mining research, resp.), his passions reside with business strategy, journalism and entrepreneurship.

Professionally, his background is in Cognitive Science, where today he is pursuing a Bachelor's degree from the University of Osnabrück, Germany.

He is a strong advocate of information freedom, and believes that in democratic societies the individual must have free and unrestricted access to all debates and information in order to make informed choices – an area where he still sees high potential for start-ups in the European online media.

Because knowing foreign languages is one of the keys to adopting new perspectives, learning them is one of his big, life-long passions. Besides his native German and fluent English, he writes and speaks intermediate French and Spanish and hopes to add some Russian and Mandarin to the mix in the future.

About his motivation for working on the project, he says:
I am convinced that there still is a huge, underused potential inside of the European political sphere for actors, who empower citizens to make informed choices, to take more active parts in discussions, and who thus facilitate them in their quest to shape the dynamics of their future.