Thomas has been Project Manager at OneEurope, responsible for the our 2016 Berlin seminar "Captivating Europe" which has brought together 25 Europeans from different European countries in order to develop new ideas on how to communicate European topics effectively - in a captivating manner.

He was born in Aachen in 1988 and has been living in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada. He holds a B.A. in European studies and an LL.M. in European Law from Maastricht University.

In his free time Thomas likes to travel, play the drums and work for a more unified Europe. After co-founding civil society organisations and social Startups like JEF Aachen and HiMate! he has been working as COO of GoVolunteer and advising expert for migration and integration in the public sector.
Besides his passion for Europe, migrant integration and social impact NGO's, Thomas has a strong interest in environmental politics and believes that a more European approach is needed to meet prevailing environmental challenges, particularly in the energy sector.

Thomas speaks fluent German, English and French as well as some basic Dutch and Spanish.

"Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion"    
(Michael Jordan)