Theocharis  Livanos is a senior student of Department of International European and Regional Studies at Panteion University of Athens. He is specialised In International Relations and he is planning a master degree on this subject. Theocharis  was born in Athens but his origins are from Kefallonia and is a graduate of the Department of international, European and Regional studies at the Panteion University specialising in International Relations. He is a fluent speaker of English and French and he has moderate knowledge in Italian language.

He is a book bibliophage and has a great affection for philosophy, history, and travelling. He will always find time to read and learn something brand new and he is always tuned for any development in the International Relations sector. He characterises himself as “faithful or even utopian in ideas of Europe and the collegiality of E.U”.  Theocharis  believes that despite the difficulties, there is still hope for the dream of a United  Europe.