"My Europe" fosters awareness, curiosity, critical thinking, and above all, a sense of community and collective responsibility among Europe’s youth around our common future.

Ms Viviane Reding officially launched “My Europe” at the European Parliament in September 2011 and is its European patron.

The initiative brings together students, political figures, business leaders, academics and media representatives in a unique series of workshops in 30 European countries. These two-day events offer the students, aged between 15 and 20, an unprecedented opportunity to listen, discuss and interact directly with the respective high-profile experts on a wide range of European issues relevant to their specific context. With the increasing number of workshops taking place throughout Europe over the years, a strong network of students, politicians, business people and journalists evolves. The final stage of the workshop is an international writing contest to which the participating students submit newspaper articles answering the question: “How do you imagine Europe in 2030?”

Here on OneEurope you will be able to read the latest winning articles.

Congratulations to all winners!