Tanya was born in Bulgaria and currently works as a translator and interpreter in Scotland, while studying for an MA (undergraduate) degree in French with Film and Television Studies at the University of Glasgow. 

Apart from her work and studies, Tanya is also a News producer for GUST – the oldest student TV station in the world, and a vice-president of the Glasgow University Bulgarian society. She has participated in several youth exchanges and projects, as well as in the 2014 Model European Union in Strasbourg as a journalist. Her main fields of interest are foreign affairs, economics, immigration, social policy and education. 

About her motivation for volunteering for OneEurope she says:

"I’ve been enthusiastic about getting involved with media and journalism for a long time and I felt inspired to become part of One Europe as it is a great platform for EU-related affairs. I believe that the European Union, with its values, justice and welfare is one of the most positive multinational projects ever conceived and we as young Europeans should not take it for granted. We can make it better with our ideas and actions and work for the future amid the current rise of scepticism and doubt." 

Tanya speaks five languages – English, Spanish, French, Russian and Bulgarian. In her free time she enjoys photography, reading, travelling and mountaineering.