Steve Patriarca is a retired UK Headmaster now living in Vienna. While Europe remained divided by the Wall, Steve was an outspoken critic of the "European Union" remarking that it was neither "European" nor a "union" whilst over half of Europe remained outside it. With the liberation of Europe since 1989 he has been a strong supporter of a more united Europe. But he attacks the polarising of debate into "pro-European" and "anti-European" camps. For example, he believes that the extreme federalist position is anti-European as it denies the diversity of cultures in Europe and also seeks to set up a state so closely integrated that many European countries, such as the UK could not remain part of it, or in the case of Ukraine or Turkey could not join it. As he adds,

"those who compare a federal Europe to the USA seem to have forgotten the civil war! Their kind of Europe is more "Soviet" than "European." To unite Europe we need a liberal Union which celebrates diversity and respects cultural differences."  

Steve enjoys living in Vienna and taking advantage of its music and culture. Living at the heart of Europe he enjoys travel to neighbouring countries (the photograph was taken in Sopot, Tricity, in Eastern Pomerania). Politically he describes himself as a social liberal and an economic conservative.

"I do not think you can have a free society without a free market but I would describe myself as an economic conservative rather than an economic liberal in that I do not think that market should function without laws to protect the vulnerable."

Likes: music, literature, philosophy, fine art, travel, politics.

Dislikes: ideologues, extremists, bigots, racists, religious fundamentalists.

Books: Jane Austen "Pride and Prejudice", Gregor Dallas "1945 The War that Never Ended", Ben Shephard "The Long Road Home", Robert Conquest "The Harvest of Sorrow", F A Hayek "The Road to Serfdom", Karl Popper "The Open Society and its Enemies", Allan Janik & Stephen Toulmin "Wittgenstein's Vienna", Stephen Law "Believing Bullshit".