Romain Laugier is an enthusiastic French law student. He has had to chance to study at UCL in London, as an Erasmus student, as well as at Aix-en-Provence and Paris Panthéon-Assas universities. He is now focused on the European Union, Public International Law, and Global Business law. 

Romain is interested in a very wide range of topics, and has undertaken many different occupations, such as volunteering in Uganda, taking membership in the French Institute for Higher National Defence Studies, and working as an intern for an MP. He is fond of International Relations and has participated in many Model United Nations', mostly in France and in the UK. Also, he is currently working on a Thesis on the legal grounds of the interventions in Syria.

Romain believes that he is part of the first generation of youths who can truly feel European, and he is very proud to be an EU citizen. When he is not busy rock climbing, or travelling, he is at a café discussing ways to improve the world.