Protesilaos Stavrou, commonly referred to as "Prot", has been blogging about European Union politics since early 2011. His writings at the time were heavily influenced by the euro crisis, though they have since evolved to encompass broader themes in the European integration process. The distribution of competences in the Union, the relationship between national sovereignty and supranational politics, the governance of the Economic and Monetary Union. These are some of the topics he is interested in.

Between 2012 and 2014, Prot worked at the European Parliament as an assistant to a Portuguese MEP (Rui Tavares for the Greens/EFA group). He now is a freelancer who prefers to work remotely. As of autumn 2016, he is contributing to some Cyprus-based projects that concern EU policy. 

Apart from political commentary, Prot is also keen on advancing his knowledge of computers and programming. He is a self-taught web developer who uses Linux as his primary operating system and who maintains a workflow that revolves around 'the terminal' (a text-based interface that only accepts formalised commands as input).

-Protesilaos' posts from 2012 and earlier are kept only for archive purposes. Opinions expressed therein may no longer represent his current views. Links, images and other media might not work as intended. The entire corpus of his online work (also including books on politics, colour schemes, and code-related stuff) can be found on his website.-