Bori is a writer for OneEurope

She is 21 years old, from Transylvania in Romania. Currently she is studying International Relations and European Studies at the University of Babes Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca. She is  ethnically Hungarian but speaks Romanian and English as well. Besides participating in local and national internship programs, European projects (Euroscola) she has worked in the Center for Political Studies and International Relations in Cluj-Napoca and in the Hungarian Minorities Information Center in Brussels. 

One of her biggest passions is the "Students without Boundaries Program" in which she is active as a volunteer and representative. 

Her interests lie in cultural and identity issues of Europe and the situation of national minorities in Central Europe.

"I believe in the good influence of the internet. It brings together like-minded people and it helps us share opinions and ideas we consider worth sharing, but it has to be used carefully and properly. Europe needs ideas to be heard for its development and it also needs debates. I am sure that being active and enthusiastic is a way of helping achieving the Europe of cooperation and peace."