Olga Tsoukala was born in Piraeus nearby Athens. Her lifestyle can be summed up in four words: sun, coffee, sea, music. In her free time, she likes to read and take photographs of places and objects in order to promote every beautiful and magnificent spot of her beloved homeland, Greece.

Her academic life started at the Panteion University of Athens in the Department of International and European Studies. In the 3rd year of her academic career, she got attracted to the issues of International Relations and European Law. That’s why she decided to become a writer for OneEurope. A few decades B.C. Aristotle declared in his speech that “a man is by nature a political being”; a motto that Olga adopts. In her opinion the youth has to get involved with policy and civilization as they are an undivided and dynamic part of their countries and the E.U.

"Through my personal experience in international and European simulations (THESSISMUN 2016 and Europa.S.2016) I acknowledge one important thing - in this crucial era for the E.U., a division of its territory and its citizens is not the solution. That is what makes the E.U. unique and united and the European youth has to promote this unity and enhance it in every possible way."