Nikos Gonidakis is a 23 year old student specialising in the field of International and European law. His bachelor studies so far include European universities in Greece (Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Department of International, European and Regional studies) and France (Université Toulouse Capitole). Moreover he also has work experience in public relations and digital marketing. His interests revolve around music, theatre, and cinema, and he’s also traveled a lot and is addicted to discovering new cultures and trying good wine and local cuisines. He considers himself a global citizen of our society. He is motivated, passionate and tends to push himself constantly to his limits, hoping eventually to make a difference as an individual in the world. He is also an LGBTQ activist.

Nikos is a vivid supporter of Europe and the ideas that our Europe stands for. He believes in a world of unity, equal rights and solidarity. The academic year that he spent abroad also taught him that these values are shared throughout Europe and that we should all contribute not just to the protection of those fundamental values but also to their spread to the rest of the world.

In such harsh times of generalised crisis it is true that feelings of lack of safety and insecurity arise. However this is the time when we stay together, guard our beliefs and fight for a better future. That’s what he stands for.