Nika grew up in Umag, Istria, but she currently resides in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia where she’s in her 3rd year at Faculty of Law at University of Zagreb.

Her spectrum of interests includes law and economy, especially relating to EU and international levels, history, culture and societies, psychology, politics, literature and the latest, media. She was a Red Cross volunteer for a few years in her hometown. She is currently a volunteer for UNICEF Croatia.

Nika speaks Serbo-Croat-Bosnian, English, Italian, and Spanish and has basic understanding of German. She is currently studying Russian and in her free time enjoys traveling, art, fashion and cooking.

Nika is committed in strengthening and expanding the knowledge about the EU because of how it affects all members of its community. She thinks people are unaware of all the benefits EU brings and wants to introduce them with it. She believes that “The world is so full of diversity and there is something for you and something for me. But the most important thing is that if you take your time and look closer, you will come to see that it’s actually just a small, little, unique place in a big galaxy. We are all just people under the same roof made of stars and endless galaxies.”