Nick is Head of Marketing at OneEurope

Nick works in the field of international Digital Commerce with over 10 years of professional experience in digital strategy and marketing for multi-national corporations. He studied Humanities and Philosophy at the Open University and has a keen interest in social, economic and political issues. He believes Direct Democracy is the natural progression of the very idea of Democracy.

He is a British citizen who now lives in Vienna, Austria. He was born in Bangkok, to a Thai mother and British father, and grew up shuttling between London and Hong Kong. Now having started a family in the centre of Europe with an Austrian wife with Serbian roots, the subject of international relations and particularly a united Europe is a subject close to his heart.

"I believe Representational Democracy has had its day and it is now time to mature as societies and move towards a form of Direct Democracy. The technology to make it possible is arriving; we just need the will. There is no need for middle men to represent us. Only Direct Democracy will give us genuine, Rule by the People"