"My name is Natasha Xagorari, I was born in Athens, I’m 21 years old and I study International, European and Area Studies at Panteion University. 

I’m interested in European political economy, international security issues and specifically Balkan security, and last but not the least of human rights through the perspective of international humanitarian law and political issues in general.  My interests have led me to participate in simulations, conferences and meetings, through which I gained valuable experience and knowledge. 

I would like to continue my studies with a master in “International Business and Law”. I believe in a united Europe, where differences between nations are ultimately their common unifying factor. For me, the common language between people in the European Union is the undivided voice of democracy, solidarity, cooperation, peace, order and security.

This is precisely the reason that I’m a member of “One Europe”, to promote this undivided voice not only in Europe, but in every single corner of the world. Besides, let us not forget, “In varietate concordia”. "