I am a senior student at the Department of International European and Regional Studies at Panteion University of Athens. I am specialising in economics and I am planning a masters degree on this subject. I was born in Armenia but I grew up and studied in Greece, I am in the final year of my studies at the Department of International, European and Regional studies at the Panteion University specialising in Economics. I am a fluent speaker of English and Armenian and I have a moderate knowledge of the French language.

I could be from people, who do not often speak for themselves, but I am flexible and I do not give up to anything new. For me, consistency is basic and indispensable. My organisational skills are a virtue, when it comes to work issues. I can collaborate with colleagues seamlessly. Being extremely ambitious and working hard is one of my features. I’m not a fan of improvisation and I want to deliver a correct and perfect result. And finally, I often suggest solutions and give ideas.