Mihaela Ciobanu's educational background is in Communications and Public Relations (among the highlights of her career so far, is having the Royal Family of Romania as a client). She later discovered and studied Social Anthropology, which she loves as it is "a history focused around humans and not dates, around cultures and their interactions in time and space, around issues like migration, globalisation and development, power representations, beliefs and commodities, nationalism and communities, art and aesthetics and how their understanding varies cross-culturally." 

This passion for Social Anthropology strengthens her interest in International Politics, European Affairs and intertwines with her passion for technology, new media and digital communication

Mihaela often volunteers for charities and cultural institutions, likes to stay informed about current affairs and continuously analyses the society we live in through different lenses. 

Mihaela is a social media manager for OneEurope's LinkedIn Page and also a writer for OneEurope, focusing on Social Anthropology, European Affairs and Cultural Tourism, among other topics.

Favourite quote: "Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people." (Leo Burnett) 

Find out more about Mihaela on http://about.me/mihaela_ciobanu