Michel is currently pursuing a Bachelor of International Relations Degree et the University of Malmö, Sweden. From August 2013 to December 2013 he will an intern at the Swedish Representation to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France.

His interests for the European construction draws back from his childhood, as he recalls growing up in a very small village in the North of France, and carrying around three different wallets for three different currencies, the French Franc, the Belgium/Luxemburgese Franc and the Deutsch Mark.

As a tri-national (France, Italy and Sweden), Michel is fluent in English, French, Swedish, Italian and is presently learning Arabic.

Always interesting in stimulating debate about European matters, Michel has been in 2013 the President of Malmö Association of Foreign Affairs, a student association aiming at organizing debates, lectures and movie nights on International Affairs.

Michel is willing to use his knowledge and experience in order to contribute to the debate taking place on OneEurope, and especially on topics such as EU´s relations to the developing world and the Middle East, EU Enlargement and EU´s foreign policy.

About his burning interest about the EU, Michel often quotes the EU´s founding father, Jean Monnet:

“Continue, continue, there is no future for the people of Europe other than in union. Make men work together, show them that beyond their differences and geographical boundaries there lies a common interest.”