Marta was born in A Coruña, where she got her Bachelor´s degree in Music, Law and later a Master´s Degree in European Union Studies. Nowadays, Marta is working in Cork, Ireland, and cooperating with the Amnesty International Voluntary Group as Social Media Manager.

Besides Spanish and Galician, her mother tongues,  Marta speaks fluent English, and intermediate French.

Marta have always been very implicated in the european cohesion. She believes that in order to know the European reality is essential to continue with the project we started together in 1992 (or even earlier, in 50´s decade). Unity is strength, and we need to be stronger than ever for to achieve a community at the height of the circumstances. 

Marta's particular interests lay in the fields of European identity, European Culture, Human Rights, External Affairs, Enviroment and Animal Welfare.

Apart from that Marta is passionate for music and hold a title in playing violin. She loves theatre, literature, traveling and writing. She was performing in several theatre plays and musical certames, publishing articles in University journals, doing investigation works. Marta's thesis, “FRONTEX: ¿Respeto a los Derechos Humanos en la gestión común europea de las fronteras exteriores marítimas?” has been selected as candidate for the IUEE, Salvador de Madariaga Award 2015. Marta is also writing for her own blog, Panthalassa  and  volunteering in non-governmental organizations such as Greenpeace or ADICAE and politic parties involving animal welfare. Marta states that these activities helped her to grow as a person and discover the world she wants to be a part of.

Favourite quote: Adventure is worthwhile, from Amelia Earhart.