Maeva is French but considers herself as European. She has Belgian origins and strong ties with Northern and Baltic Europe.

She graduated in Nordic studies and she speaks fluently French, English and Swedish. Currently she is studying digital and multilingual communications and learning Dutch. She even perfectly understands Norwegian and Danish. Her next goal is to achieve fluency in Estonian as well! She likes debating, criticising and commenting international news and events, which she actually does in real life and on her blog « TUIN » (The Uninteresting International News). 

She works as a Social Media Manager and occasional author for One Europe since January 2015. She is also a Public Relations Officer for Bringing Europeans Together Association. On the wild Internet web, she also goes under the name of « Talvi Wasp Gataca » or « Hellawyn ».

« I am not young enough to know everything ». 

- a quote from Oscar Wilde that defines her quite well!