Lofred is a French entrepreneur, creator of a start-up called Propind. Currently he is finishing a M.sc in International relations at University of Montreal. He completed an internship at the European Commission, DG Employment, Social affairs and Inclusion, and he is also a Graduate student at EU Study Tour.

As a political analyst for a couple years now, Lofred is particularly interested in the crisis of representative democracy in Western societies, and especially in the EU: "in my opinion, the growing distrust of European citizens towards political leaders and the media system could be surpassed only by giving a greater role to civil society in the decision-making process on major contemporary issues. A new participatory democracy has to be considered. With this in mind and my experience, I have developed an original approach to the debate that gives back voice to people. This vision led me to create Propind in July 2012. Propind is an online debate platform designed to allow users to exchange opinions and debate on key topics by utilizing technology to facilitate exchange. Propind has modernized the age-old tradition of debate."  

About his motivation for working on the project, he says:

"I am writing for OneEurope because is the best way for me to shed light on this fundamental issue: namely rethink the way that we debate in Europe in order to involve a larger number of European citizens on the evolution of the EU political project".